Jo Jung Suk, Yoon Shi Yoon, And Han Ye Ri’s New SBS Historical Drama Builds Up Excitement

Upcoming SBS drama “Mung Bean Flower” (literal title) is coming soon!

“Mung Bean Flower” is about two brothers who have different mothers but share the same father. They get separated during a riot that is now known as the Donghak Peasant’s Movement in 1894, where religious leaders of Donghak (which translates to “Eastern Religion”) and the peasants of Jeolla Province joined forces together against the government that was pushing for the growth of Catholicism at the time.

Jo Jung Suk will appear as the older brother Baek Yi Kang, who was born out of wedlock as the son of his father’s wife’s slave. Yoon Shi Yoon will play the role of the younger brother Baek Yi Hyun. While he is the youngest son in the family, Baek Yi Hyun is also the first “rightful son” born under the wife. Lastly, Han Ye Ri will take the role of Song Ja In. She is the only child of Song Bong Gil, the peddler of peddlers in Jeolla Province.

Han Ye Ri previously shared in a separate teaser, “As you watch this drama, you will realize that the lives of the peasants are not that different from our lives. I hope that through this drama and our acting, viewers will feel the passion that these peasants felt while putting all their hearts into the Donghak Peasant’s Movement.” The video also shows glimpses of the script reading as actors display their passionate acting.

In the teaser video, Han Ye Ri says, “Hello, this is actor Han Ye Ri. A masterpiece drama with actors you can trust and watch, ‘Mung Bean Flower’ is set to greet everyone soon! It’s a genuine drama that warms hearts as we laugh and cry together! Don’t miss out on ‘Mung Bean Flower’ on April 26! And me! I will return as a wealthy merchant in Jeil, Jeonju! Please look forward to it! Until then, goodbye~”

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